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Thank you, dairy farmers


Hopefully, if you follow along with my Princess Kay Facebook and Instagram posts, you will have noticed that March was National Nutrition Month.

I highlighted a few of the aspects of dairy products that make it so essential in our diets. For example, what a great source of protein and calcium it is. I even learned that cheese helps us sleep better.

This is just another way that all of you are helping your communities and world, by making sure that we have access to the super food that is dairy. March was also filled with many visits and appearances that I am excited to share with you.

First, I had a classroom visit to Sunset Terrace Elementary School in Rochester, Minnesota. I met with 80 first grade students. We read a book and talked about cow care. We talked about how it’s important that, as dairy farmers, we are listening to our cows and what they are telling us they need. Some of the students were curious how we can tell if our cows need something. So, I explained to them that we have monitors that tell us if something is wrong, and sometimes, dairy farmers know their cows so well that they can see if something isn’t quite right.

I also let them know that our cows have a secret superpower: They are the ultimate upcyclers. We talked about the cycle of growing the crops to feed the cows. Then, the cows produce milk and waste. Then, we can use the waste to grow more crops.

Finally, we ended the visit by writing thank you cards. The students were so excited to write to all of you and let you know that they are thankful for the work you do for them.

“Thank you, dairy farmers, for the milk.”

“Thank you, farmers, for growing our food. We love you!”

“Thank you, you are the best.”

“Thank you for everything!”

“Thank you for helping us. Thank you for growing our food.”

“Thank you for working hard.”

“Thank you for producing our milk, ice cream and cheese.”

I hope these notes brighten your day and that you are able to see how much the students in Minnesota care about the work that we do as dairy farmers.

Next, I attended the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation Ag Day Gala. It is so special that we have such strong programs in the U.S. to listen to farmers and act. But, it also provides us with a support system of people to turn to when we need help. Over the past two years of working with the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation, I have grown so many connections. When I go to an event with them, it feels like I am visiting family. They invited me to give the milk toast, so we all raised a glass of milk to Minnesota dairy farmers.

I also visited the All-Breeds Convention. There were nearly 100 students who attended. It was my first time at the convention. My dad went along with me. On our way to the convention, he told me all about his experiences in the organization. I loved hanging out with all the students, and it is incredible to know that they are the future of the dairy industry and that the future is bright.

I ended March by attending the Rice County American Dairy Association Dairy Princess Banquet. They invited me to speak, and I crowned the next county dairy princesses. It was fun to return to my home county and visit with the dairy farmers who made all of this possible for me. I am glad that I was able to thank them for all they have done for me.

Wishing you all a happy spring, as we look forward to planting season.

Princess Kay of the Milky Way, Emma Kuball, serves as the Minnesota dairy community’s goodwill ambassador. Kuball grew up in Waterville, Minnesota, working on her family’s sixth-generation dairy farm. She attends the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, studying agriculture education, and looks forward to becoming an FFA advisor. She enjoys reading, crocheting and baking. Her parents are Nate and Shannon Kuball.

Princess Kay is active doing school visits, representing dairy farmers and sharing the importance of dairy farming and dairy foods at appearances across Minnesota.


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