FFA Member Profile: Rachel Portner


Tell us about your farm and family. My parents are Mark and Lisa Portner. My family’s farm is Port-Haven Dairy. It is owned by my uncle and my dad. We milk around 250 Brown Swiss cows and have about 250 heifers and calves. I have three younger brothers, Jared, Dustin and Blake, who also help around the farm.

Why did you join FFA? I joined FFA because I always saw my older cousins involved in it when I was younger and wanted to join too. I also saw that there are many opportunities to try new things and learn more about agriculture.

What is your role in the chapter? My role is being involved as a member in dairy judging, showing animals at the fair and helping with bringing a calf for the kiddy barn at the fair.

What FFA contests do you compete in? I have competed in dairy judging at the regional and state level for the past two years, and I will be competing in it again this year.

What do you look forward to most in the upcoming FFA year? I am most looking forward to showing heifers at the county fair. I always have fun training my animals and getting them ready for the fair as well as getting to spend time with friends.

How has FFA shaped you as a person? Being in FFA has helped me to try new things I might not have done otherwise. I have grown in my interview skills. FFA has given me opportunities to work on these skills.

What are your duties on the farm? I help milk cows and feed calves milk, hay and grain. I also help my dad bed the barns. In the summer, I help with moving animals and training heifers to be shown.

What are your future plans? My future plans are to go to college for nutrition or environmental science. I would like to do something in the agricultural field and possibly raise beef cattle and chickens.


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